Posted by: krpooler | August 21, 2010

The Power of Hope

” There is no better or more blessed bondage than to be a prisoner of hope.” Roy Z. Kemp

Our late summer garden has given way to weeds as tall as small trees and as full as rambling bushes as we search for any remaining signs of new life. At first glance, one would think it  would be time to plow it all under. Change is in the air as oppressive dog days of summer bow to the cool breezes of an impending autumn. But having spent the whole day in the garden, I am surprised at the bounty before me:


Remember, the compost pile from June ?  The small mound of earth and waste has grown and from it a glorious array of sunflowers bloom to remind me that sometimes the most beautiful things can arise from the  ruins and remnants of our lives:


It all reminds me of the power of hope in my life. So many times when I thought all was lost, due to some major life challenge, I was able, through my faith, to find a reason to hope. If I was able to be patient, I came to realize that many gifts arose out of those times of despair- gifts of  self-awareness, knowledge, gratitude, renewed faith, perspective. It seems to me that with every challenge ,my faith became stronger until I was  finally able to reach a place of joy,not dependent upon my life circumstances but on my inner strength and, for me, my relationship with God.

That is the message I want to share in my memoir-how I have been able to reach a place of peace and joy through my faith in God, kind of  like finding the sunflowers in the heaps of dirt. One can climb out of the abyss and see the light.

 And talk about joy, here are my grandsons, Jacob and Ethan, right next to those sunflowers. Life doesn’t get much better than this..


I’d love to hear about the sunflowers in your life…


  1. So beautiful! The message and the pix, and the grandbabies…Kathy, you are so special. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks ,Lynne. Always good to hear from you!

  2. Kathy, you’re sooo right! Sometimes it takes the bad times for us to appreciate the good in life. Thanks for sharing your very hopeful message — and your wonderful pictures of the garden bounty and the grandsons!

    • Hi Deb, isn’t that the truth! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I’m having fun with my new Droid X (though I am still trying to figure it out!) Thanks for your comments

  3. Kathy, I just finished reading your expression of hope. Your words really spoke to my heart. I feel I share much of the same experiences of renewed hope through the knowledge of what God has and is doing in my life as well of those around me. Being able to connect with a truth so powerful is such a gift and is absolutely amazing being a part of what God is able and willing to do for each one of us. I’m so thankful that we remain sisters in the Lord, the one who sustains us through this journey we are on. Love you and keep up the encouraging work.

    • Thanks,Jane for sharing your kind words. I am so thankful as well that we share so much through our faith. Love you and miss you

  4. Yes Kathy, that WAS a lovely message of hope for finding the sunflowers that came from the compost! We need to look for the bright things that often come along with the s_ _ _ we are dealt. Thank you too for allowing us to share in your garden bounty!

    • Louise,

      Your sunflowers are bound to arise from all you have been through lately! So happy you are enjoying the produce. Thanks for your comments.

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