Posted by: krpooler | September 4, 2010

Finding My Gold


My writing space in an upstairs office faces the woods that surround our home. As I look out at the poplars, red leaf  maples and pine trees, I see a chorus of  barely tinted leaves shimmering  and swaying to the  gentle, cool September breezes as the sun streaks through them. It reminds me of why I love living in the Northeast – the change of seasons.  

Each season has its own beauty but for me, Autumn captures  the essence of golden opportunities. It is not surprising that Autumn was the time  of my wedding and the birth of my two children. Although it seems to be the shortest of the seasons, it seems packed with activities that spark my favorite memories- hayrides, apple picking, first days of school, new beginnings. Yes,there is a bit of melancholy at letting summer go, but I find by Labor Day, I am feeling ready to stash away those fun summer memories (perhaps to recapture on those wintry days but we won’t think about that yet.)

As a child back in the 50’s, I dreamed of jumping into the huge piles of  crisp, colorful leaves. As a school girl back in the 60’s, I dreamed of new clothes,plaid pleated skirts and penny loafers; of pep rallies and football games.As a young bride I dreamed of  marrying my prince and living happily ever after. As a new mother, I dreamed of taking my children to parks and watching  them swing against the baby blue sky and red and gold trees; of holding my babies to pick apples from the trees; of picking the best pumpkins to carve; of sewing Darth Vader and Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costumes and of celebrating birthdays- an orange cake for Brian in October and a lemon cake for Leigh Ann in November.

Now I am finding  my gold  with visions of my grandsons, Jacob’s  and Ethan’s, first days of school and preschool; of flying to Missouri next week to visit my special “Show Me ” friends; of finishing freezing the vegetables in the garden; of having all seven of  our grandsons over to pick pumpkins from the garden; and  of starting my next NAMW  Memoir workshop with Linda Joy Myers…all representing new beginnings and reconnections.

I want to thank  Joann Melton and Sharon Lippincott for prompting this post on Yahoo LifeWriter’s Forum today. Sharon also posted this great link to a photo gallery,America in Color From 1939-1943 that prompted lots of autumn memories. You should treat yourself to the images.

How about you-  are you finding the  gold in your autumn?


  1. I didn’t know Brian likes orange cake! Thanks for telling me. I knew he likes orange flavored gum.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

    • Yes, Kim, orange cake and frosting with candy corn on the top! We’re having everyone over for a picnic. Wish you could join us. Happy Labor Day and good luck starting another school year!

  2. No, Kathy, it was 104 this afternoon. The only gold I found was in my checkbook, to cover the electric bill for the AC! Such is September in the Southwest.

    But, my gosh, what a beautiful job you did in describing the passing seasons – of the years, not just the months. I felt that sweet, painful recognition that time itself is passing. Thank you, my friend. Happy Labor Day.

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year. You described it perfectly. 60 degrees as I write and last noc we sat on the back porch watching all the grands play and the squirrels carrying away the buckeyes. The buckeye has already lost it’s leaves…always the first tree to do so….that means fall is just around the corner.

    Counting the days ’til you get here. I can’t wait to see you.

    Go Mizzou! They beat Ill. yesterday!

    • Yes, I agree, Mary Sue, Fall is the best and so are are my family away from my family and I can’t wait to see ya’ll. Thanks for your comments. Go Mizzou!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments,Lynne. I always appreciate your perspective and humor! Perhaps when I am scraping off the ice from my windshield after the latest nor’easter, you will have some consolation as the gentle,cool California breezes blow.. Happy Labor Day!

  5. Your writing flows so beautifully in this piece Kathy. You truly bring us to so many places of your memory and your delightful current life as you describe the joys of autumn. Thank you for taking me into your world.
    The details, colors, smells, and tastes show that you are choosing your writing skills wisely! Your writing improves all the time. And, I’m so looking forward to our new class.
    See you soon!
    –Linda Joy

    • Linda Joy,

      Hanging out with you has really paid off! Your guidance and feedback mean the world to me. I am very excited about our next class as I know so many treasures and surprises are found along the way. Thanks for your comments, as always. See you on the 21st!


  6. Kathy, I too love Fall best and you’ve described it perfectly! Rather than viewing it as a time of approaching death (winter), I’ve always seen it as a time of new beginnings. There’s such freshness in the air, new school year, etc. Thanks for nudging my own memories of the season, and happy Labor Day to you!

  7. I agree ,Deb. Fall is a time of new beginnings and clean slates,shortlived but appreciated. I think of winter as nesting time which has its own beauty but my favorite is Fall. Thanks for your comments!

  8. I just found your blog and liked the way you described your writing space. Mine is very much like yours – I am on the second floor looking over trees -pine trees and dogwoods. I am not much of a writer though as English is my third language it does not flow that easily. I started my blog really to have a place to recollect my memories on my childhood in France and family so that my two little grandsons could read about them later on. I travel too and write on this also so my memory posts have been few. I started with my mother’s childhood so I have a long way to go to get to me (here is the first post on her: I did not know there were classes on memoir writing but that must be helpful.

    • It’s so nice to meet new friends! I am so happy to have you visit my blog and I hope you will return. Thanks for your comments. Yes, the NAMW memoir classes with Linda Joy Meyers are wonderful and I highly recommend you visit the site ( to find out what else is available. There are a lot of free resources,i.e. newsletters, teleseminars geared to the memoir writer. I can see from your blog that you have a lot of rich material for a memoir, especially the post about your mother.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hi Vagabond,
      I enjoyed reading your post about Norway, which is where the link led to but could not find the post about your mother. I’d very much like to read it. I think there is some kind of lost link perhaps, so I hope you send us the correct one!
      I would love to read your memories of growing up in France, one of my favorite places. I hope to hear back from you.
      –Linda Joy

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