Posted by: krpooler | October 8, 2010

Taking It to the Next Level


As I work my way through the tangled web of my life experiences in an attempt to make meaning out of it for my story , I realize that I am indeed trying to remove a mountain. I have taken the first step by getting my raw emotions down on the pages. I’ll let it percolate for a while, get some feedback from my weekly NAMW Memoir Writer’s Group,then begin the arduous task of carrying away the small stones,one at a time,until my task is accomplished. It will take every ounce of practice, patience and perseverance I can muster to take my writing to the next level– a story that will resonate with my readers through believability, universality and pure entertainment.

Derek Sivers shares his experience of taking 15 years to reach his goal of singing through Practice, Patience and Perseverance in this post. It is heartwarming to share in the fighting spirit that led him to his goal.

Then I came upon Broadcast Journalist (NPR) Ira Glass’   four enlightening video clips on  Storytelling. Although he focuses on the importance of storytelling for TV or radio, the following highlights hold relevance for writers:

* Understand the “building blocks of storytelling”-  going back and forth between a sequence of  events and  moments of reflection.

*Persevere until you find the right story

*Know when it is time to “kill the stories that don’t work-ABANDON THE CRAP”

* Develop “good tastes” through years of practice

* Fight your way through it until you get it right-BE FIERCE

* Talk like a human being- BE YOURSELF

Here’s a delightful series of  one minute storytelling tips from Nicholas, the Storyteller that I think you’ll enjoy.

Well, I’ve started picking up the stones from my mountain of memories.  I want to take my story to the next level.

How about you? How are you getting to the next level in your life  or in your writing?



  1. Practice, Patience, & Perseverance — I like that a lot! I think where most of us fall down is the Patience leg of that foot stool. It’s so hard to keep plugging away, perfecting your craft, when the unknown future lies out there and the uncertainty of ever “succeeding” looms. I think it’s important we surround ourselves with positive people, wise sayings, motivational books, whatever it takes to keep our spirits up, our minds focused, and our butts in the chair!

  2. Yes, Deb, we certainly need to do “whatever it takes”. Thanks for your comments- especially the “butt in the chair” requirement!

  3. I do not have the problem of finding stories. I started this blog so I would not have to write my memoirs. I was hoping that my grandchildren (now 4 and 2 years old), when they are older, would be able to read about the French side of their background. So I started to blog. I also wished to write about my travels because my husband has been diagnosed with MCI (he has not short memory) and this way he would remember the trips. Between these two subjects I have a lot to tell. Although they may not make good stories for the readers, I am not sure.

  4. Vagabonde,
    That is a perfect example of being clear on what your purpose for writing your story is. From what I’ve read on your blog, I think your story would have great interest for others. In the end,I think the most important thing is to write the stories for ourselves and let it take us where it needs to be -either a blog or a published memoir. Thanks for your perspective on this!

    Write On!

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