Posted by: krpooler | March 11, 2011

It’s All About Making Meaningful Connections


     My daughter Leigh Ann called me on the fly this morning. She was on her way to work as I was getting packed for my  trip to New Jersey to participate in A Women’s Writing Workshop with Eunice Scarfe sponsored by  Heather Summerhayes Cariou,bestselling author of 65 Roses.

      We catch these moments of quick updates when we can as we navigate around our busy days. With a fulltime job and my writing, capturing time with my family is a challenge. I find myself appreciating these little moments of connection. Sometimes they come in quick phone calls like this morning. Sometimes they come in the form of  social media when I steal glimpses of my growing grandsons with snippets of their lives on Facebook. Where else can I find a jaunty pose of four year- old Ethan claiming to be “Mr Incredible” or the delight in five year- old Jacob’s eyes as he nails his little brother with a snowball? Precious moments in time sent out into cyberspace to savor. They brighten my day.

     “Well, I’ll let you go ,Mom.” Leigh Ann chirped,catching her breath after giving me a litany of happenings in her world: the kids are healthy, Dave, her husband is recovering from his recent jaw surgery, her teacher friend just lost her job in the wake of school budget cuts and by the way, Dave’s parents are stranded in a shelter in Hawaii.

     All of this in the span of about three minutes.

     “Have  a great weekend.” she said.” I’m sure I’ll read about all the stories on your blog.”

     That statement really got me thinking. Social media really does reach out and touch lives. I hope I am making meaningful connections with my blog, not only with  my family but also with my fellow writers and followers.

     Our assignment in Dan Blank’s “Build Your Author Platform” Course this week is to define our Brand. I did discuss this in this previous post, but now I have to put into words the very essence of what I stand for and how I plan to communicate my message, as well as identify who I want to send this message to. That will be the foundation for building my author platform.

     Distilling my passion and zeal into a few carefully chosen words that will do it justice seems insurmountable at the moment. I will contemplate this as I ride the train to New York today. And I will aim to cover as many bases as Leigh Ann did in her three- minute update to me this morning.

     It’s really all about making meaningful connections. That’s a good place to start.

      Speaking of meaningful connections, meet John. He got me from Penn Station to Port Authority in a heartbeat  and just in the nick of time to catch my bus to New Jersey in this bicycle cab:

John will get you there in a flash, weaving in and out of NYC traffic and chatting all the way.

How about you?

What meaningful connections are you making in your life or in your writing?

I’d love to hear from you~


  1. Looks like a cool ride, Kathy! Also, you may just be having a little too much fun!

    I’ll look forward to comments about your writing conference. By the way, when you have your next meaningful connection with Leigh Ann, tell her hello for me!

    • Yes,Annie, finding my way around NYC-NJ at rush hour on Friday afternoon was definitely an adventure, especially to this country mouse! The conference was amazing and I plan to summarize it when I take a breather to get my thoughts together. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.

  2. And to think that just a few years ago, we had to rely on only letters or phone calls to receive updates on our family and friends! This “instant messaging” is really an improvement, huh, Kathy?! Good luck with your seminar, and I’ll be interested in reading about some of the pointers you pick up!

    • I know, Deb, Phone calls almost seem obsolete and letters seem like an ancient ritual. I think the benefits are a mixed bag. I still love getting handwritten letters. The seminar was a “soul-shaking”,fun time. I’ll get something out as soon as I sift through it all. We did lots of new writing and then read our pieces out loud which was an experience in itself. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Kathy, I have decided a year ago that I will be mentioning you as my ‘junior Guru”. I will wait as long as it takes to learn the whole process you are currently going through. I am not kidding. I talk about you to both of my children. I give your example to them, telling about you. You took one step at a time and look how many miles you have walked so very close to the finish line. It is wonderful to see you climbing all that tall ladder. Pat your back yourself for me. I agree with Anne Morrow Lindbergh ‘s comment, in my case, I get those ‘coffee’ withdrawals and can’t wait to have a cuppa right away. The e-mailing as well as phone calls help me..sometimes. My daughter gave me a webcam, that helps some sundays. Wish you all the best.

  4. Smita,
    “Junior Guru”~Wow, I am honored. But, really, I’m just learning like any other new writer,one step at a time and with a little help from my friends. We must never give up on our dreams. I think persistence is the key-to keep that fire in our bellies and to just keep walking forward. Keeping up with all the technology is definitely part of the challenge. I’m thrilled you have a webcam so you can stay connected to your family and grandkids. I hope you are enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by and staying in touch! Appreciate your comments ,as always.

  5. When you speak of your creativity, your drive to write, and all the energy you have for memoir, I feel the excitement. We are so blessed to have this love of writing, and to now, in these modern days, to have such an efficient outlet for it. I so enjoy rattling on about a topic and having you and my other friends yak back at me. Like a coffee klatch that goes on all over the country!
    Have fun at your class.

    • Oh,Lynne ,you are so right~I love being about to chat and stay connected. Yak,Yak,Yak- food for our souls! Thanks for stopping by and as always, I appreciate your perspective.

  6. Kathy, you are so write on :-} I agree about the younger generation and their agile qualities. I enjoy your topic of meaningful connections. They are so important and vital to our well being, I think. A kind word, an email, a card, a phone call…one of these will certainly make someone’s day. Anne Morrow Lindburgh was a favorite of my mother’s. Re: cystic fibrosis. I am the grandmother of a CF child. Could hardly get through the video-but I will. It’s a prelude to bravery. xo

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. Yes, I agree, in these days of sensory overload and technology, meaningful connections are very important. I love Anne Morrow Lindbergh,too. When I finish 65 Roses,I’ll be glad to send it on to you 🙂

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