Welcome to my writer’s blog,Write On! I  will be sharing the journey of writing my memoir, and providing writing and publishing tips and links that have guided me along the way.

      My memoir ,which has a Christian theme, is about the extraordinary events that have occurred in my ordinary life through my faith in God. How does a woman from a stable Christian home go off on so many self-defeating detours and how does she come back home again? I will show how  hope has transformed, healed and helped me transcend my life’s obstacles and disappointments: divorce, two failed marriages,one alcoholic and one abusive spouse, single-parenting, alcoholic son, cancer and heart failure. The story is how I climbed out of the abyss to find peace,joy and healing in my life;how I learned to live life on my own terms.

     Hope Matters. Along with sharing my writing journey with you, I want to reach out and share how hope works in my life , to hear how it works in your life. We are all strengthened and enlightened when we share our stories. Perhaps,it will help you find your own pathway to hope.

       The blog  passed its one year mark in December 2010.I post weekly on a variety of topics related to writing  and life.

       I am a family nurse practitioner on the brink of retiring from my beloved nursing profession. My husband, Wayne and I have a blended family of six children ,ten grandsons,ages 2-21 and two Golden Retrievers, Rosie and Max. We live on the 135-acre land that used to be Wayne’s grandfather’s dairy farm.  Wayne grows organic vegetables on four of those acres. Life is good.

      My goal for 2011 is to refine my own memoir-writing  journey as I move along  toward my dream of publishing my memoir. I will be sharing more about that as it unfolds for me. I know I will be enriched and enlightened by your presence on my journey and I hope you will feel the same. I am looking forward to our discussions along the way.

Write On!

Kathy Pooler


  1. Thanks Libbye..first facebook, now this! See what you started!!I picked the picture because I love being by the water. I really don’t know where it is but I’d like to be there!!

    Thanks for all your support!


  2. This is a wonderful, rich topic, Kathy. I think we all need a bag of tricks to banish our inner critic. Some of the methods are identical to cognitive therapy, which is a sort of “science of self talk.” Here are a few of my favorites:

    Undermine key arguments of the inner critic. For example, “People care about each other, and I want to be part of the mutual caring system.”

    Like Judo, flip the energy upside down and make a list of all the reasons people do care about each other: (love, curiosity, compassion, differences, similarities, language arts, etc)

    Ignore the critic, treat him like a heckler, and focus on all the people (inner and outer) who want you to write.

    Best wishes,
    Memory Writers Network

  3. Jerry,

    So nice to hear from you! Mutual caring system- I love it !Such a positive, empowering approach. Thank you so much for “showing me” what a mutual caring system is all about. I truly appreciate your caring and supportive comments. They will power me onward beyond the “heckler”to keep writing. Blessings!

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  5. The picture is the west coast of Ireland, somewhere around the Kerry Peninsula, I think. It really is that gorgeous!

    • I am so drawn to this picture and had no idea where it was so thanks. How wonderful that you have been there. I keep thinking I need to change my theme but I really love this scene and so it stands.

  6. One full year already, wow! And now it’s three months on top of that. You are doing so well, and your memoir description here sounds so rich and inviting; I know many will be anxious to read your story, Kathy. I enjoy sharing your journey through your blogs and stories, Kathy. I’m so happy that we’ve met through our similar desire. Blessings, Marjorie

  7. Aww,Marjorie, thanks. You’re so sweet. I miss you in class and hope we can reconnect there again. Keep writing~the world needs to hear your sweet voice.Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Kathy – Your blog has been so valuable to me and will continue to be – It’s such a great model to see how it’s done – Thanks for sharing in all of this together and for being such an encourager to me!

    His continued blessings to you!

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