Posted by: krpooler | April 16, 2011

Rules of Engagement


In order to be successful in any business venture, there are standards of care and rules to follow. Industry standards dictate that communicating with the potential customer is a priority, whether your business is entertainment, health care, sales, education or publication. There are the Rules of Engagement.

Social media has changed the way we communicate with one another. We now have instant access in real-time to any one on the planet. Even the celebrities have fan pages on Facebook that they rely on to communicate with their audiences. For example, it was reported in this post that Lady Gag and Britney Spears post personal messages on their Facebook fan pages before their albums are released. As a result, the record-high hits they received will translate into people who will buy their albums. The key component in their success appears to be that personal connections were made. The lesson here: “If you are silent leading up to your album release,no one will be listening.”

The same applies to writers who wish to publish their books. Writing the book is just one part of a writer’s task. Building an audience of followers/readers who align with a writer’s message is now a key responsibility for anyone who wants to publish. And just like with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, the writer has to reach out and find prospective readers.

The main way we need to reach out is through the content we share. Brent Csutoros talks about content marketing  in this post, reinforcing that “content is king” when it comes to capturing an audience. “Get people involved by inviting them to comment.”

     Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg & Associates discuss the value of content marketing in this post, noting “ultimately content marketing is about optimizing dialogue between a company and its customers.”

It seems to boil down to all the different ways you can have conversations on the internet through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, newsletters, forums, article writing to name a few. posted this great article on using article writing to capture your audience on the internet, stating that it is” the single most effective method to market your brand.”

It seems to me the key to success , no matter what the business, depends on the personal connections that are made with the potential customer.

Before I can do this, I have to clarify what my message is and get through to others who appear to align with my message.   That is precisely why I joined Dan Blank’s Build Your Author Platform Course where we are learning how to use all forms of social media in a strategic manner to market our author brand online.

And I am learning about these eight Rules of Engagement as listed in this article by Laraine Antrim, co-founder of Core Ideas Communication, a PR and marketing communications firm on the website:

”  1.   Think Eternity~ anything sent out into cyber space is permanent.

     2.  Think like Arethra Franklin~ offer R-E-S-P-E-C-T when commenting

     3.   Think like Twitter~ be concise

     4.   Think like the Audience~ know your followers wants and needs

     5.    Think Story~ real-life stories and people interest people.

      6.   Think with Your Ears~ listen to what others are saying

      7.   Think of the Venue~survey the lay of the land before you comment. Each site has its own way of doing things.

      8.   Think Twice Before You Tweet~keep comments relevant to your audience. ”

All I ever really wanted to do was to write, but it appears that following these Rules of Engagement  are necessary.  I am trusting that they will help make the overall experience a better one for myself and my readers. As steep as the learning curve has been for me, I must admit, I do see the benefits in making these connections. Fitting it all into the course of daily life is another post for another time. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how you are doing:

How is your conversation going?  Are you engaging with your followers? Are you getting through?


  1. Kathy,
    Your generous insights from your classes are pure gold. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My pleasure,Sharon. I’m glad you liked them. The course has been quite mind-stretching to this Boomer but it is getting easier. Dan Blank has been a kind and fearless guide through this process. We are all lifelong learners!

  3. Kathy, I am always grateful for your posts. They are an education unto themselves, rich with links and information. You certainly follow the rules, and your readers are the fortunate beneficiaries. I can’t wait to follow the links. Thanks so much.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    It seems I am in a perpetual state of amazement over how much there is to learn every day! I hope you enjoy the links. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. You are doing such a great job of recounting what we are learning in Dan’s AP class and then taking it a step farther with research/links that you have found. I am feeling so overwhelmed for by the whole process that I am grateful you have also become another guiding light. Write on, Sista!
    I also loved what you wrote on Vickie’s site and tried to respond but I don’t think it went through

    • Hi Pat,
      I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed in Dan’s class. All this technology is really a stretch for me but I am grateful for all I am learning and will need to keep learning. The thought occurred to me, when the course is over, the real work will begin as we have to keep on building on what we’ve started. That’s why it’s so nice to have each other for support! Thanks for your comments about the guest post on Viki’s blog. I’m looking forward to hosting you! will need a brief bio and picture along with your post. Let me know what you need
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. This engaging the reader thing is tough, isn’t it, Kathy? Just when you think you’ve “succeeded” in one realm (say, getting lots of comments to something you wrote in your blog), another area of need pops up (like, you realize you haven’t devoted enough time to connect on Facebook or Twitter). Wishful thinking, I know, but it sure seemed easier when all an author had to do was WRITE!

    • Amen, Debbie! It seems that writing is a small part of the whole picture these days. The techno-learning curve is pretty steep,too. But, the more I do, the easier it gets. It’s a darn good thing, I am retiring so I can have more time to follow through on all these requirements. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion. 🙂

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